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Welcome to Lee-Soft, Here you can download Windows 8 Start Menu free. And of course our other free software that will enhance and beautify your Windows desktop. Like, Vistart - The best free Start Menu for windows 8, Vipad - The Windows desktop organizer, ViGlance - The Super Taskbar for Windows, ViOrb - To customize your Windows Start Button.

Unleash the power of your windows start button

December 3, 2014

Bring back the Windows start button and jailbreak it in previous versions of Windows

Windows 8 start button unleashed

ViOrb the windows start button for Windows just got a major update. Still retaining the blending orb feature I've added support for Windows 8 and 8.1 and the ability to jailbreak the windows start button out of the windows task bar to position it anywhere you want! With the simple 2 step installations process you will be customizing your start button in under a minute.

  • More windows start buttons!
  • Support for Windows 8 and 8.1, 7, XP, Vista and more!
  • Move your start button anywhere on the windows desktop
  • Pick new start button skins directly from the start button
  • New right click menu makes it easier to access features and other windows start buttons

> Read More about ViOrb 4, Windows start button update

Windows start button download


Windows 8 Start Menu - download Vistart 8.1 free a extra major update

January 29, 2013

Bring the start menu back in Windows 8 and work with Windows 8 like you’re used to in Windows 7

Vistart the free start menu for Windows 8 and older Windows versions got a "double" major update with lots of new and improved features. Vistart has of course all the features that you expect from a windows start menu and then some more. One of the best features in comparison of some paid alternatives like Start8 from Stardock, is of course that Vistart 8 is completely free while having more features and functionality.

  • Now ViStart comes with 3 Start Menu skins and 4 Start menu buttons pre installed and a completely renewed skin manager making Vistart the best customizable Start menu on the net.
  • New control panel with lots of extra features
  • Skip the Metro and boot directly to your windows 8 desktop
  • Right click on “Apps” search result to pin a app to the start menu.
  • Runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • And over 20 new extra features and improvements

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start menu download

Windows 8 start menu


ViStart 8 – The Ultimate Start Menu For Windows

 September 4, 2012

Get you start menu back in Windows 8 or replace your start menu in the other Windows versions with ViStart 8 Windows Start Menu. A free software by Lee-Soft.com

ViStart 8 is more than the official Windows start menu. The new ViStart 8 is completely redesigned/rewritten with the release of Windows 8 in mind so people can have their start menu back in Windows 8. But ViStart 8 is also the ultimate start menu replacement for the start menu in Windows 7, Vista and XP.

ViStart 8 has all the functionality the Windows 7 Start menu has and then some more. ViStart 8 is completely skinable and there are already a lot of extra start menu skins and start menu buttons available to customize your Windows look that you can download from the lee-soft.com website.

One of the special new skins is the Windows 8 Start menu Metro Style skin. Another improved feature is the search that works even faster than the original search from the Microsoft start menu. Read More & Download

Links for download and more info : Vistart 8 Home page - Windows 8 Start menu - Windows 8 8 Start menu download - Vistart Windows start menu Manual - Windows 8 start menu screenshots - Windows 8 start button


Windows Start menu for windows 8


New Release by Lee-Soft.com - Vipad - The ultimate Windows Desktop Organization Tool

Everybody that uses computers knows the problem of searching for a desktop link or often cannot find apps and files in the windows start menu. Most people have a cluttered desktop filled with lots of shortcuts and loose time with searching for that shortcut they once put on their desktop. With ViPad you can now easily organize your desktop in a cool and efficient way!

ViPad is a the ultimate Windows desktop application launch & organization tool for the windows desktop. You can organize all your windows desktop items in a second and have one click launch for all your favorite apps, games, links, files, social media friends, music and much more.

It only takes a couple of minutes to organize your desktop the first time and your set to launch all your favorite stuff in a second. Take a look to the tutorial Video to see how ViPad works.

Read more & Download:

Press Release

Vipad The ultimate Windows Desktop Tool


Finally a replacement for the Windows Desktop

 May 20, 2012 8:14 PM
There have been some exciting new developments happening in Lee-Soft recently. With the release of Windows 8 some of these developments got delayed as I decided to make a new version of ViStart for Windows 8 users. Saving the world from the horror that is Windows metro. I am happy to present our latest product: Windows Desktop App Launcher - ViPad... [READ MORE]

How to get the Windows Start Menu back on Windows 8

 March 04, 2012 at 09:33:01 AM
Microsoft removed the Windows Start Menu from Windows 8. I've just updated ViStart to be compatible with Windows 8.


It came as a huge surprise to everyone when Microsoft earlier this month released their new Windows 8 Consumer Edition that it came with no windows start menu and no start orb. Apparently a Microsoft direcetor wanted to take Windows in a different direction. Microsoft's vision is that all desktop computing will one day be touchscreen... [READ MORE]


Updates... updates... and more updates

 November 25, 2011 at 06:33:01 AM

Metro Blue

Metro is here, so why not check out Metro Blue the latest Metro inspired Start Menu theme

Download Button More Info Button

Windows 8 Start Menu

A Start Menu designed especially for Windows 8

Download Button More Info Button

Xe ViStart Dark

Introducing Xe ViStart by MateriosDragonius, a different kind of ViStart.

Download Button More Info Button

Real Blur ViStart

It's time to get a REAL blur on your windows start menu. No desktop trickery, this is a skin that actually blurs your Windows start menu!

Download Button More Info Button

Gianni's V. ViOrb

Why not give your dull start menu button a twist and try Gianni's V luxurious black start menu button.

Download Button More Info Button

Ubuntu themed Start Menu

Did you ever wonder what an Ubuntu themed windows start menu would look like? Here's your answer!

Download Button More Info Button

Google Chrome start menu button

You know the browser, you know the company so now get the start menu button by Google!

Download Button More Info Button

OSX themed start menu

The impossible is now possible an OSX themed start menu for all Windows users!

Download Button More Info Button

Ubuntu start menu button

Get a matching black start menu button for your Ubuntu windows start menu

Download Button More Info Button

Ezlo Style ViStart

It's Ezlo time with Ezlo ViStart.

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  • Metro Blue Start Menu

    A Blue Metro Start Menu theme
  • Metro Glass Start Menu

    Metro with Glass Start Menu
  • Xe ViStart

    An awesome windows Start Menu skin
  • Real Blur!

    No tricks just real blur!
  • Gianni's V. Start Menu Button

    A nice looking black orb
  • Ubuntu themed Start Menu

    Get an Ubuntu feeling
  • Chrome Start Menu Button

    A chrome ViOrb
  • iStart Start Menu

    put an iStart in your start menu
  • Ubuntu Start Menu button

    Matching Ubuntu start menu button
  • Ezlo Time

    The Ezlo style ViStart


I'm back at last with a new post. I've been busy finding skins for the new skin gallery which you may have noticed. One of my favourite skins is the new XeBlack skin by MateriosDragonius, now with ViStart and XeBlack skin all Windows users can make their Windows start menu look like this:

Windows Start Menu skin XeBlack by MateriosDragonius Windows Start Menu skin Ubuntu ViStart by zelito

I've also been fixing ViStart and recoding ViOrb! I come baring fixes for all! Firstly I've fixed the program sorting problem in ViStart 7 now so it correctly sorts programs alphabetically and lists programs before folders (Just like Windows 7 does with it's start menu button).

Orignal windows 7 start menu Customizable Windows Start Menu ViStart

And finally for Windows 7 users, I've fixed the annoying user avatar bug and for my 64bit users I've made 64bit icons display correctly and 64bit apps open correctly too. Which was a nightmare within itself due to the way Windows handles x86 programs on 64bit.

Now let's move onto ViOrb! I've integrated the new blending windows start menu button from ViGlance and i've also made a built in skin manager for ViOrb. If you look at the new ViOrb below, you can see it gradually blends from the idle windows start menu button to the hovered windows start menu button.

Windows start menu button blending demo

So you don't need to damage your computer with badly made transformation packs because Lee-Soft software doesn't make permanent changes to your system files. With a few clicks you can disable or uninstall my software effortlessly and best of all it's absolutely free. You shouldn't need to damage your computer to customize it-